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Having a problem with scene files after uninstall Redshift.

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Having a problem with scene files after uninstall Redshift.

So I was trying out Redshift a few months ago but decided to keep using Arnold.
Now, I decide to uninstall Redshift to clear unused software on my computer but this makes me unable to open scene files that have been created or modified since I install redshift up to the point that I uninstall it. (Files that were created before I install redshift can be open normally.)

When I try to open the file, Maya just closes itself instantly with no error/warning message.

So I reinstall the trial version of Redshift just to check if this was caused by it and, yes, after I install Redshift, every file can be open normally.

Is there any way that I can save a new scene file without Redshift information attached to it so I can still use it after I uninstall Redshift? 
It's a bit ridiculous for the renderer to break the whole file without it. It should be able to open with just a warning that Maya can't find Redshift information.

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