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Half of my scene has disappeared or been corrupted

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Half of my scene has disappeared or been corrupted

I doubt anyone will respond in time to help before my deadline but thankfully i do have backups- I just want to find a solution to this for future reference as this is the fourth time ive had this happen and had to recreate missing work. Its getting very tiresome.

Today ive loaded up my file to find most of the scene gone and the materials also.

Weirdly enough i can still see the materials on what little bit of geometry is left. 

I could really do with some help on this.

Thank you.


P.S. I know the outliner is messy in the image, ill clean it up later. 

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in reply to: JayTravers

Hello @JayTravers,


thanks for posting this issue! From the screenshot that you uploaded, I would assume that you performed any action/ function in the scene file, that was still saved in the history when you saved the file, but the information got lost at reloading the file. The empty transform nodes in the scene graph let me infer that:


Maya Forum Screenshot.jpg

A good practice would be to delete the history on those nodes, on which a certain function was previously executed.

For example, if you did a "Combine" on a couple of selected nodes, select the nodes again and go to Edit > Delete by Type > History:


Maya Delete by Type History.jpg


By doing that you will also notice that the empty "transform" groups/ nodes will disappear. I think this procedure can help to avoid a "surprise" when you are loading the file the next day.


Hope this suggestions helps!


Best regards,


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Hi @JayTravers 🤍

 @patrick.schock made a great instruction 🤍

-there is a built-in command to show any thing that hided by visibility attribute :


-there are so many things that hide objects:

     -viewport filter.


     -isolation [some time I search a lot for my objects the I will find out that I used viewport isolation].

    -LOD visibility [that could hid our objects without using LOD node in my opinion that is because if we use LODs the

      original-"the detailed version" is one of the levels]

    -construction history [deleting construction history with out baking the changes]

    -drawing override attributes for the "transform nod" and "the shape node"

    -object visibility attribute 

    -and more 


Note: "Show all" only show the objects that hidden by object visibility attribute which the keyboard shortcut to toggle it is H

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in reply to: patrick.schock

Thank you Patrick and sorry I didn't reply sooner, 

The saddening part is that I'm aware I should be deleting my history, its defiantly my fault if that's the cause and solely comes down to me being lazy to be honest. Suffice to say, thank god for back up files. 

Was mainly trying to find out if their was an resolution for this mistake rather than the cause but I am still thankful for the wake up call 😄


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