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Folder Bookmarks problem

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Folder Bookmarks problem

Hello maya community
I am having trouble with maya folder bookmarks.
When I start the program trying to import a file, the window looks like this.


After i try to select my computer, or any other path, maya freezes for about ten seconds and after that the window change


When I try to select other paths, however, the program freezes for another 10 seconds and if I try to close the window it freezes anyway.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall everything but it still seems to give the same problems.

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You seem to have some remote storage connected (FreeNAS?), your Z: drive. Doing anything there might be slow, therefore the 10sec lags. You might wish to avoid setting it your active working directory, set the project to your 😧 drive instead; sync afterwards either manually or with some scheduling software.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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I have the same problem and I also uses NAS.
So I did setup project window location to local drive, and removed all the path bookmarks manually.
Also I tried removing all the Document maya folder and regenerated user settings.

at first it seemed solved, however a few minutes later when I reopen up Maya, the project location and my Bookmark folder is all changed to before again. It's so painful how can I stop this auto switching project location and Bookmarks??

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