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Film Gate presets

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Film Gate presets


where can I change the standard Film Gate settings?

I want to enhance them for having my used cameras in there. 

I know I can make a preset and save it and reload this preset again.


I made this for the render settings it is set in the ImageFormats.mel and it is very confining to have it.



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Hi @marlon_autodesk,


a way to build your custom camera presets would be to enter the "film" or "sensor" size in the Camera Attributes at Film Back > Camera Apperture. In my example I've setup a 6x7 film camera. Make sure that the Film Aspect Ratio of the camera matches with the Device Aspect Ratio in the render settings, to avoid a cropped image. You can save the camera preset in the upper right corner of the camera attributes.


Maya Custom Camera.jpg


Hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Hi Patrick,


I know this way with presets, but I fond it more elegant and easier to  have my presets under this topdown menu like I set it for the render  setting in the image size (second picture) which are stored in the file "imageFormats.mel" inside (on Mac). Where I use just my common settings. So the list very short and customized for my needs. The question is, where are the film back defaults stored with are visible when using the topdown menu of Film back section. 


global string $gImageFormatData[] =
//  name              width height aspect ratio dpi
// -------------------------------------------------
"HD_1080           1920 1080 1.777 72.000",
"HD_1080_FakeScope           1920 800 2.400 72.000",
"HD_1080_Anamorph           1920 1080 2.370 72.000",
"2k_DCI_FakeScope       2048 858 2.387 72.000",
"4k_DCI           4096 2160 1.896 72.000",
"4k_DCI_FakeScope       4096 1716 2.387 72.000",
"4k_DCI_Anamorph       4096 2160 2.528 72.000"

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