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Double Up of Joints in Rig

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Double Up of Joints in Rig

I think I made the mistake of copy-pasting or trying to duplicate the bony rig and now I have a double-up of the outlines for the moveable joints, though not of the rig, as far as I can tell. How can I get rid of the double up of the joints, for instance, I can see 2 of the outlines of the hip joints? It makes it hard to manipulate anything in the graph editor as the double-up seems to show in the graph editor with different movements, making it more difficult to sift through. New to Maya so unsure what to do.


--I tried reuploading the reference after I deleted it. The joint outlines still appeared but they weren't tethered to a rig, whereas before they moved with the rig.Screenshot (1).pngScreenshot (2).pngScreenshot (3).pngScreenshot (4).pngScreenshot (5).pngScreenshot (6).pngScreenshot (7).png

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hide/delete irrelevant/broken elements, that are not References. nothing special there.

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I've tried deleting each element separately and nothing seems to have worked

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