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Distance Tool - Viewport and Attribute Editor using different units

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Distance Tool - Viewport and Attribute Editor using different units


I changed the units for my file from cm to inches. When using the Distance Tool, I noticed that the viewport is showing the measurement in Inches as expected ("#1" in attached pic), but the distanceDimensionShape node in the Attribute Editor is still showing the units in cm ("#2" in attached pic).

If anyone knows why this is happening or how to get the distanceDimensionShape node to show the measurement in the file units (so it matches the Distance Tool measurement display in the viewport), that’d be great and I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.37.09 AM.png

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Hi @jeff.storylineimages and welcome to the community!


Thanks for reporting this! It looks like it may be an issue with Maya so I went ahead and passed this along to the developers so they can begin working on a fix!



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The distance Attribute is a simple double value and not doubleLinear, so it does not respect units.

You can create your own Attribute which does this.

However for some connections or expressions it might be better/simpler to have a value independent of units.

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Thank you much, Sean (and thanks for the insight, mspeer; always good to know these details). It's not a deal breaker because I'm still able to get the measurement in the correct units in the viewport. Appreciate the heads up!

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Hi. I'm actually having issues where the distance doesn't show in the viewport (spot #1). Is there some kind of setting that needs to be enabled?  And for your question, what's the right answer, did anyone figure out that yet? 

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