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Delay on pen operations using Maya 2020 with tablet

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Delay on pen operations using Maya 2020 with tablet



so I'm trying to use a drawing tablet with Maya and I'm getting some delays on the movements I try to make (be it alt+drag or everything that needs some kind of clicking). It's like small movements are not being considered by Maya, only large swipes. Pen pressure works fine, though. Other applications work just fine. Disabling Windows Ink makes everything work as intended, but deactivates pen pressure (so not a solution). Also, the ALT, SHIFT, and CTRL bubbles/tooltip are showing up near the cursor whenever I press it, which is kind of annoying, other apps like Krita, Blender doesn't show this at all.


I'm using a brand new Gaomon M10K Pro with the latest drivers ( and Maya 2020.4.


See attached gif to see how the delay is affecting me.

The ALT tooltip is next to my mouse cursor, even though I'm trying to click and drag, Maya only responds when I do a larger movement, which is irritating for weight painting, for example.



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For me, for me, what worked was to turn windows ink off and on in wacon's settings.


Like this, you don't lose the windows ink features.

This is probably a bug!

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in reply to: viniribeirodesign

Hi, Vini!


Thanks, but that also didn't work. Maybe it's something regarding Gaomon drivers specifically. Guess I'll just have to live with it. 😞

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in reply to: Anonymous


Is this issue resolved? I'm experiencing the same issue here and it's super annoying 😞

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in reply to: TommySung

Hey, man! Not yet. I kind of learned to live with it that way. 😞

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in reply to: Anonymous

Oh no... can't live with it :(. It's hard to do detailed animation like this.

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Buen día con todos.


Tenia el mismo problema, hasta hoy, yo uso pantalla Grafica de Huion, y habia visto ese problema en wacom también, así que estuve decidido a solucionarlo, me puse a buscar por todo el basto mundo de Internet, hasta que encontré este video.

al principio no me sirvió, pero cuando a final desactive la opción de "Windows Ink" de la configuración de mi pantalla grafica, se pudo solucionar, espero les ayude.

Otra solución vi también para wacom, es tiempo que existe al hacer doble clic.



Good morning everyone.

I had the same problem, until today, I use Huion's Graphical screen, and I had seen that problem in wacom as well, so I was determined to solve it, I started searching the vast world of the Internet, until I found this video.


At first it didn't work for me, but when I finally deactivated the "Windows Ink" option in the configuration of my graphic screen, it could be solved, I hope it will help you.


Another solution I saw also for wacom, it is time that exists when double clicking.

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in reply to: jorge_sil

This actually works if your issue is only navigating with a tablet. But it removed pen pressure for weight painting for me, though. But that's ok, I'll mark it as a solution for those who don't care about weight painting, thank you!

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Windows >> Settings/Preferences >> Preferences >> Cached Playback >> uncheck cached playback. 


Worked perfectly after I turned that off. 

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Disabling the Windows Ink helps, but it causes you to lose pressure sensitivity, which is really required when painting skin weights in Maya.

Here's how I fixed it:

First, You need to disable the visual effects in Windows Settings. Navigate to "Pen & Windows Ink" under Settings -> Devices :ApplicationFrameHost_DKu5meb0SP.png


After this, you have to make sure your Windows Ink is enabled in the Huion Driver Window (This is required for pressure sensitivity):



Finally, in Maya, Go to Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Preferences, and under the "Interface" section, change the "Tablet API" from "Automatic" to "WinTab":



Hit "Save" and it should work...

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