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Extract faces rigged model and export to fbx

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Extract faces rigged model and export to fbx

Hello. I have an issue.


I have a rigged model and I want to extract some faces before export to Unity in fbx. But when I export, Maya says me:


  "The plug-in has detected mesh nodes with unsupported operators that affect the vertex and/or face count. To correct this, delete the Non-deformer history before exporting. The following nodes will not be processed:



But when I delete the Non-deformer history  Maya crashes.


My question is; Is it posible to extract face to a rigged model and export it in fbx?


thanks for the answers and sorry if my english isn´t correct

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So you can extract the faces, but that would give you a model without a rig. I don't think this is what you want, is it?


FBX does not support all of Maya's nodes, in fact, it doesn't support a vast majority of them. A lot of work goes into setting up a rig that's compatible with game engines. You're using an incompatible node in your rig. However, this node is clearly important enough that it crashes your Maya. Do you have any nodes that adjust the poly count of your rig (like a smooth)? Also, when exporting your FBX, is anything actually exported, or does the operation stop completely?


Deleting deformer history will also probably break your rig, just like delete history would. Your best bet is to find the node and get rid of it by hand.


Let me know



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