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Corrupted file: scene crashes when I click on specific object

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Corrupted file: scene crashes when I click on specific object

NOTE: My scenes are 100-180mb so I can't attach them, but I really want to upload them for someone to look at. How do I shrink my files/find a way to upload them in full?
I think I might have corrupted my scene file a few days ago because it won't stop crashing. Ever since then, I put the project on pause to troubleshoot but I can't figure out how to recover my scene before it corrupted because I had been, for the most part, saving over a single file. I only have two different saves, the original (organs.mb) which the crashing still happens in, and another save ( , this was a new scene that I imported my scene into, hoping that would solve things but it didn't). I can't save the original .mb as an ascii now but the other save I have was done earlier in time which I don't know what changed when I was able to save it as .ma then but not anymore.
 I think I've pinpointed the issue to be the obj "heart3d:mesh" in the group called "organs". Whenever I click on this object, it freezes maya. But it seems like I can click on other objects without that happening. I believe this may have started some time after I created blendshapes for all of the objects and didn't notice at the time what was going on. I feel like deleting this obj could clear up a lot of things if not fix the scene but I can't delete it because it freezes when it's clicked. It also freezes if I click it in the outliner, from the hypergraph connections editor, and typing "delete heart3d:Mesh" in the command line.
I've deleted prefs 4 times by now, restarted my computer several times, opened it on my school's vmware remote desktop (still crashes), made a new project folder and copied the scene over to it, copied and renaming the scene, and imported the scene into a new scene, all to no avail. I feel like my last hope is messing with the ascii code but I don't understand the language; I don't know what to look for or what to delete in order to remove that obj. There's also a number of warnings that pop up when I open the project and I tried to solve them but they don't go away (for example, it'll say an obj has invalid/unused components and to use mesh cleanup, so I do that and save+reload and warning still pops up).  Please help! I'll be so upset if I have to start over this late in the game ๐Ÿ˜ž
Thanks in advance

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