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Problem using "Make Components" function for multiple identical parts

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Problem using "Make Components" function for multiple identical parts

I have a part with multiple solid bodies.

Some bodies are unique, others are copies of each other and therefor identical.

These identical parts are separate extrusions, not an array.

Making an array is not possible because the placement of these components is not consistent.

I'd like to derive an assembly from the part file using the Make Components function in inventor.


Could someone tell me how to do this so that these identical components are seen as multiples of the same part? Currently, they're seen as separate parts with different part numbers (xxxx, xxxx-1, xxxx-2 etc...) and appear that way in the BOM.

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Have you looked into using iAssemblies?  Where you can create a table and insert in and out the parts you need.


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I don't typically use a multi-solid workflow. 


Take a look at this discussion which seems close to what you are asking:

Steve Walton
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Hi! Make Components command itself does not have the ability to group the similar solids and push them as the same part. Here is what you could do.

1) Use Make Components to push out only the unique solids as parts.

2) Open the top level assembly.

3) Place the multi-solid body part into the assembly. Make sure you change the BOM Structure setting to Reference.

Now you have a visual reference of where the repeated solids are. you can create occurrences of existing parts and position them accordingly.


Many thanks!


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For anyone who prefers an automated solution to avoid manual placing and constraining, see the Duplicate Replacer app here:


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