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Measure angle while rotating an object

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Measure angle while rotating an object

Hello guys. I am literally a newbie so I apologize if I am not asking a very smart question. Hope I make it as clear as possible. 


So, I am working with different parts (like the one below) for a class. The figure on the left is the reference image. In that position some features are not quite clear/visible; therefore, I have to rotate the part to have a better understanding and see important features like the holes for example (image on the right).


Now, I would like to know if there is a way to measure the "rotation angle" between the reference image and the final orientation. So basically, how much I moved the image to have a better understanding of the object. Is it possible to do so on Inventor? I am using Autodesk Inventor 2024.


Thanks in advance.

Example - Forum.PNG

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I'm not understanding why you need that value (could you explain why?)... but...
If you really need to measure that, i would place the part in an assembly and vary the constraint angle until i get the rotation value i need.



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Using macro or iLogic, yes.


If you just want to save the view so you can get back to it, use View Representation.

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