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Add support for exporting to ESRI systems

Add support for exporting to ESRI systems

It occurred to me during Autodesk University after the ESRI/Autodesk collaboration announcement, if there was ever an application with a need for deep ESRI integration, it was Infraworks. While you can import content in the form of a SHP file or via connections to a geospatial database, InfraWorks lacks little or no "EXPORT" capability for ESRI formats. 


Therefore, I propose a series of features be added, which provide BOTH import from an ArcGIS system and export of newly created content back to said ArcGIS system (database). In many ways, InfraWorks seems the ideal frontend to creating new geospatial data for inclusion is a robust ESRI database. With the addition of some more accurate CAD tools in InfraWorks along with a robust I/O system in place and connected to an ESRI database, you would have a dynamite "geospatial" collection at hand. Granted, ArcGIS is not an Autodesk product, I am sure it could be part of a special collection, aimed at specific resellers of geospatial turnkey systems. 


This would also require adding in tools to manipulate the model schema, such as adding layers in Model Explorer and/or defining custom metadata for the element properties. 




I couldn't agree more on your comments. Following AU announcement, we are actively working on getting those features in InfraWorks. I would probably reach out to you to setup a call to provide (and feedback) of the workflow we are envisioning and items you would be interested moving forward.



Status changed to: Accepted

Wow, that was fast, Ramesh. I look forward to seeing more. 


Where's the LIKE button for @ramesh_sridharan's response?

Status changed to: Implemented

@mark_kauffman  @C3D_TomR 

Thanks for the idea. "Connector for ArcGIS" not only provides the ability to bring the GIS data from ArcGIS Portals but also publish to ArcGIS Portal or export to FGDB. I think that should help with this idea. Let us know if there is more to this workflow and we can track it separately.

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