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Wing Loft problem

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Wing Loft problem

I have started the Horizontal Stabilizer with root airfoil NACA 0009 and tip airfoil NACA 0006. I have imported with the airfoil dat to spline tool. When I loft between them it is perfect and without needing Guide rails. For scale reasons in the point 33.11mm of the wing i want to make a step (see photo Wing Step.jpg). I created a new rib at 33.11mm from the root and cut the loft. I kept the left surface that goes to the tip and removed the right one that goes to the root to made the new loft with the step. I made an Offset of 0.5mm to the rib which is at the 33.11mm position. When I loft this rib with the rib that is at the root it shows that it is ok if you notice it but in the LE it is not straight (see photo No straight loft.jpg). I have both a sketch and a body from Ribs in the file. I put Guide Rails on LE and TE no effect. (before I post I search for solution at the forum and didn’t find anything for my problem) Thanks for any help Elias

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Your file does not have any sketch rails I could find.  Correct file? - I think so.


When I draw rails for this Loft, I see the LE distortion from your pic.  This is normal but unwanted Loft shrink wrapping, I have seen in aviation lofts since I started. (2017)


You need rails to fix it.

So I made a set of TE and LE rails. 

and editing your Loft, with just the LE rail selected, I get this reaction - Straight LE but not nice.




and select TE second rail and I got this, way worse weirdness.




My guess is the imported ribs with so many points. 

Your offset curves have no points are not compatible.

Good Luck.


@jeff_strater might help?

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