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Misplaced components in 3D when pushed from 2D.

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Misplaced components in 3D when pushed from 2D.



Now and then I have problem with buggy behaviour when pushing to 3D. Sometimes components are not placed. Sometimes they are rotated. And now today when pushing a PCB to 3D the result is components shifted in height axis. Find attached images. All SOT-227 transistors should be placed on the underside of the board. I have added another four of them but they are placed on the top side.


My solution is often to break the link and generate a new 3D PCB from scratch. Sometimes just saving the 2D PCB before pushing solves the problem. I do not manipulate the 3D PCBs much at all after pushing so I don't think I am doing anything special other than adding/deleting moving stuff in 2D and then pushing to 3D again.


Also hiding the top transistors reveals that four screws are messed up. They should not be placed in the middle of the footprint.


All 14 of the transistors are using the same footprint.


Any known issues with this?


Fusion bug1.png


Fusion bug2.png


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Update: I broke the 2D to 3D link and generated a new PCB and it worked fine.

Also just pushed an update to another PCB and one of the capacitors is misaligned. See image below.


Fusion bug3.png

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