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Can you combine ALL bodies in a component instead of selecting individual ones?

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Can you combine ALL bodies in a component instead of selecting individual ones?


I am creating this parametric Gridfinity box design that consists of a base that is patterned out based on the size and then a bin on top. I have parameters for the width / length which will determine the number of copies the pattern makes. I want to have all bodies combined (which is needed for subsequent boolean operations as well) but it seems that when I adjust the width / length to a larger number that creates new bodies, fusion doesn't re-calculate the Join on the subsequent extrude and I'm left with these floating bodies. 


I've attached the project file. Simply change the width or length parameters to a larger value and observe. Then, edit the third to last extrusion and hit OK. It will recalculate and join properly. Similar happens if you go down in size, it will cause a warning because bodies are now lost.


I don't particularly mind if this isn't solvable via the extrude join. my ideal solution here would be to create a combine feature that joins ALL bodies for this component (without having to select them). This way, I can just work with a single body and none of the subsequent features will care what happened prior 


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