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Fusion suddenly references a different file in the drawing environment since the last update

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Fusion suddenly references a different file in the drawing environment since the last update

The referenced Fusion file used to create the drawing is suddenly automatically changed to a different file.


The browser of the drawing before the bug is shown below:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-07 um 14.38.50.jpg

After the file was reopened the referenced file has changed

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-07 um 14.37.55.jpg


In the file browser, the correct file is still displayed and does not match the file in the drawing.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-07 um 14.43.03.jpg

The problem occurs with both the latest Windows and Mac versions of Fusion, and also with other drawings. It seems that the file of the first view is always used as the referenced file and the file used to create the drawing disappears in the drawing. This change is retained even without saving the file.



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in reply to: tim64YBY

Hi @tim64YBY 


I'm sorry that you have been affected by this problem. The development team has just deployed a hotfix for the problem, which should be available today. Please check to see if there is an update for Fusion 360.


Once it is available, please update and let me know how you get on.


cc: @rohit.bapat 

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I recently do drawings and even the easiest bodies loose the dimension references in my drawing.

I did deinstall and reinstall the programm just now and the same problem is still appearing.


What is the cause of this? 

When I change the length of a rod, dimensions are lost. The rod has a diameter and a length.

We do a lot of more detailed stuf at work so please help me on this.


Kind Regards 


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Wasn't the cursor at the end of the timeline when saving the change?



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No the timeline cursor is at the end. 

For some reason the issue seems to appear at the rod I revolved only.

I introduced another rod, which is extruded and dimensions in the drawing do not loose reference.


However I need the ability to revolve a sketch to build bodies.


Does this bring a clue?

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Checking the timeline, there is an operation which is to convert body to component. I think this is the cause lead to dimension disassociated in drawing. The dimensions could be added in drawing when the rod was a body in part, then Rod body was converted to component in assembly, and Dimensions will turn to disassociated when update from the change 3D drawing, showing as attached video.  Please check if this is the case.


Currently, it is a legacy and unsupported behavior. We will estimate if this workflow can be supported. 

Before that, we could suggest that do not change the Hierarchy, such as convert body to component, which was added dimensions in drawing.

Fred Chen
SQA Engineer
Quality Assurance Team
Autodesk, Inc.

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thanks for your answer, but I think that is not it.

I deleted all created bodies and drawings, then created a rod by revolving again and after created a new drawing with dimensions. Then changed the length of the rod and again the dimensions lost their reference.

Btw the converted body was the one that was extruded and dimensions did not loose reference.


This behavior is so basic, that I first thought I am doing sometimg wrong. What is the cause of it?

Now watching this error appearing in the most basic configuration, without any other influence ...

I want to get to the ground on this because having 50 drawings, which undergo changes I do not want to create additional error or loose a lot of time reassociating dimensions.




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Thanks for the reply. It seems to be a basic case as below, but I have not reproduced it.  Maybe I miss the key steps/options. Can you pls record a video to demonstrate this issue? Thanks

  1. Create rod by revolve feature in 3D design 
  2. Save the 3D design 
  3. Create drawing from the 3D design, and add dimension on rod
  4. Change the length of rod in 3D design, save
  5. Update drawing then dimension turns to disassociated

Fred Chen
SQA Engineer
Quality Assurance Team
Autodesk, Inc.

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You can see from the timeline what I did. Your line of operations is right, its enough to deassociate the dimensions.

I got a bit into length in this recording you can find attached.

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Thanks for the video. I can reproduce it in one of my Win 11, the dimension added in silhouette edge will turn to disassociated when update the 3D design in the Production build, but it works well now in the insider build, showing as attached video.


Recently, there is a similar issue fixed in the internal build, whose ID is FDWG-17192. The fixing will be in Production build soon in the planned update of September. Please verify it in the coming update, and let us know if this isssue is still occured. 

Fred Chen
SQA Engineer
Quality Assurance Team
Autodesk, Inc.

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I can report that in the trial I did the problem with dissacosiation of dimentions disappeared with the software update.


Thanks for the support.

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