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Fusion 360 API documentation pages frequently show 404 errors when refreshed

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Fusion 360 API documentation pages frequently show 404 errors when refreshed

Is there some kind of site maintenance in progress?

This has been happening for the last few days, but had not ever happened before and I have been using the same browser with the same extension to manage tab groups. (Firefox with Simple Tab Groups)


Here is an example.

Yesterday I was looking at documentation. I had switched to a different group of tabs which would cause the Fusion 360 group of tabs to be unloaded.

This morning I switched to the Fusion 360 group of tabs, and when I select any of the tabs open to a Fusion 360 API documentation page I get a 404 error.

Here is one URL that gives the error:





All the tabs for forum pages reload correctly. The blog pages also open correctly. Even some of the documentation pages such as ( open correctly. It seems to be limited to all the pages in the documentation related to the Fusion 360 programming API.


If I start at the main documentation and then navigate back to the page in the API doc it will open correctly.


The page for the design object was giving me 404 errors when I tried to refresh. When I used the API column of the main documentation page to access the design object it opened correctly and the URL was the same.

I just refreshed the page and it is a 404 again.

I just tried to open it from


and it is 404 again.


I checked the Autodesk Health Dashboard and everything is green. That does not help though because none of the websites run by Autodesk are listed in the monitored systems.


Note: it would be very helpful if the dashboard had a way to filter the systems that a user might be of interest to any given user. For me as a Fusion 360 user I only care about Fusion 360, documentation, forums and account management.

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in reply to: Julie_7

BTW, I never had this problem until the last week. In addition, it started after I upgraded from a personal license to a paid commercial license.

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