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Exporting not working properly

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Exporting not working properly

Since the last update there seems to be an issue where exports requiring cloud translation do not get updated properly and just keep hanging. Might be that the system that pings the server for the file has problems.


The fix that sometimes works is to redo the export and then you get the exported file within a few seconds. The first export will never finish and has to be cancelled when quitting Fusion.

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I am having a similar problem. Exports that require cloud translation usually hang. I have been able to get them to work by quit/restart Fusion, opening a single document, saving a version, and then exporting.

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in reply to: allanJKZ4E

Yeah, no comments by the team (great work, team!), or fixes still. Re-exporting helps (but you need to wait for 10-20 seconds for the actual translation to finish in the server). To me it feels that the process that is supposed to ping server for the exported file just crashes.

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And of course, as soon as I posted my original reply, exporting started working for me... I really should get in the habit of complaining early and often.

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in reply to: allanJKZ4E

Or you might have gotten the export you attempted the last time (if you haven't changed the file since then) 🙂 . Definitely not working for me still.

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I've been doing some testing. I am finding that immediately after a quit/restart of Fusion (Mac, M1 Mini), export of projects that require cloud translation (.f3z) appear to work. However, after doing other things, they stop working. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a repeatable "do this, exports stop working" case. 😞

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For me, the first export usually works - doesn't matter if it's directly after opening the file, or after doing modifications and saving + exporting. But if I keep working after that, it pretty much never works without having to re-export to get the file.

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@allanJKZ4E @trebor_madoverlord 

Export of what file type? Be specific.

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Anything that requires a cloud translation will hang sooner or later (as said, first export usually works but if you make some changes and try to export again, it will hang and you will get the file only if you make a re-export after waiting for a bit; the hanging export will never finish): .dwg, .fbx, .skp...

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As I stated above, after restarting the app, "export of projects that require cloud translation (.f3z) appear to work. However, after doing other things, they stop working."

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