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Export dialogue does not open, Right clicking in Browser does nothing. Attempting to export STL

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Export dialogue does not open, Right clicking in Browser does nothing. Attempting to export STL

Hello, this is my second time using Fusion 360. I am trying to export a very simple file to my local drive and when I click on Export, literally nothing happens. When I right click on the body in the Browser, nothing happens. Additionally, when I open the 3D print dialogue under File, select "Custom" under the Printer software list, the dialogue disappears rather than opening Windows Explorer and nothing happens. I just tried it again and unselected "Send to 3D utility" and clicked OK and the software crashed. I have attached the files from the Crash Report. This is on the Personal version and I just updated to the latest release 5 minutes ago.


Edit: I just followed this solution and it is working now!

File export, upload, or insert dialog boxes and windows freeze, are transparent or missing in Fusion...


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Edit Should have read to the end of your post! See it is the same very old bug!




There was a long time bug where Fusion would lock up if the directory\drive used for the last save was no longer available. See this post, does that sound like the problem you have?


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Yes that is the exact issue. My external drive crashed a couple weeks ago, lost 5TB of data and is inaccessible via Explorer. Fusion must look for the drive and throw an error when it can’t locate it rather than bringing up an “Export As/Browse” dialogue via Explorer. 

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