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Changing email has created multiple accounts. Can't access project files and personal team from previous account.

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Changing email has created multiple accounts. Can't access project files and personal team from previous account.

Dear Autodesk Technical Support Team and everyone reading this,

I have been using Fusion 360 for a couple years, yet never encountered a problem of such kind.

For context, I am a student and two days ago I have got an access to Fusion 360 educational license, using the corporate email from my university.

The administrator of the group project gave me the access to the project in Fusion. I accidentally joined with a different email account. I though that if that's the case, then I can probably change my Fusion account email to the invited email. So I did. Now I was able to access the project itself, but wasn't able to see the files at all (only the directory and participants of the project) [see first screenshot]. The error was: "You don't have required permission to perform this operation" [see second screenshot].

Then, I changed the email again to previous one, so that I can delete account and redo all the process. I again, created an account with the right email. And the same problem occurred. I was able to see the project itself, but not the files. The error message remained the same.

Not only that, but apparently, there were created several accounts with my name and email [see first-third screenshot]. And there is no way to remove them.

In addition to all of the problems mentioned, you can see as well in the first screenshot (upper-right side) that there are two teams created with the same name, which are from two different accounts. Yet for some reason they remain on the only account left. In one I can see all of the info (because I am the administrator of the team). For the second one (supposedly created from the account that I deleted), I can't do nothing. I see the same error as for the group project case: "You don't have required permission to perform this operation". As you can see, I have two accounts with the same email address.

Please help me out with this issue. And thank you in advance.

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Same issue for me. This is really boring. I've lost my designs...

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