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Become an Autodesk Fusion Insider

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Become an Autodesk Fusion Insider



The Fusion Insider Program empowers you to co-create the best that Fusion has to offer by getting early access to pre-release functionality, giving targeted feedback to the product teams, and working together as a passionate community.

Get your hands on new features, before everyone else​

Access the next version of Autodesk Fusion and all the new features, improvements, and fixes, weeks before the general public.

Know in real-time when updates are happening, what’s new, and what’s coming ​

Gain inside knowledge of when we are deploying an update, what's new, and what’s coming next​.

Help shape the future of features still in development

Join exclusive events and give targeted feedback straight to the product teams. 

>>> APPLY TO JOIN <<< 
Important: what you should know before you apply:
Fusion Insiders are under NDA and Content Embargo 
Since this is pre-released software, you are legally under NDA and all new features and functionality are under embargo until the product update goes live to the general public. If you are making content based on new pre-prod functionality, do not share externally until we deploy the product update to the general public. 

Keqing Song
Autodesk Fusion Community Manager
Portland, Oregon, USA

Become an Autodesk Fusion Insider


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