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Tool passes avoiding corner radius??

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Tool passes avoiding corner radius??

Hello everyone!


I hope this the the correct place to post this related issue. My apologies if it’s not.


I’m newish to fusion. I have a question regarding the cam end of the software. On my finishing passes I’m using a 6mm round tip lathe tool, there is a 4mm radius at the bottom the part where the flange starts, that the tool will avoid by moving diagonally out past the corner radius.


The corner radius on the part is larger than the radius of the cutter. Also the tool shank is narrower than the cutter, as these were my initial thoughts why this would happen.
Can someone help me understand why this happens?


I have attached images to help explain better.






so many thanks in advance!



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in reply to: 77_JR

If you set the holder type to Straight Profiling rather than Offset profiling it generates the correct pathstraight.png

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Thanks for the reply.


I've tried changing the style to straight profiling and it just goes straight down.




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in reply to: 77_JR

Can you share your file here,

Goto File>Export and save as .f3d, then upload as an attachment here.


It's pretty difficult to diagnose looking at pictures unfortunately. It should be a relatively simple fix however

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in reply to: 77_JR

Thanks mate. Attached to this post.

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in reply to: 77_JR


I have had a play around and cannot get any satisfactory results, but I don't use turning often so I might be missing something.

I can get a single(albeit fragmented) finishing pass to work but as soon as you add multiple passes it fails, that's using no holder.


It really shouldn't be that difficult though, I could program that at the controller no problems.

@seth.madore may have some insights but may not have a chance to look at it till monday

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Im more familiar with milling as well lol. 

thanks for looking mate

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in reply to: 77_JR

Two options:

1) Remove the holder from your current tool. Result:


Option #2: Define your tool as a Grooving tool and use the Groove Finishing toolpath:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Thanks man!
Shame it can’t do multiple passes using grove.
What type of tool would you recommend for this part?
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in reply to: 77_JR

@77_JR you can allow multiple steps for groove finishing by setting it in "number of stepovers". As for your original issue with profile finishing I will make a ticket because the tool should be able to access that area.



Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager
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in reply to: akash.kamoolkar

Yeah i was having a play at trying to get it to work and discovered the groove finishing features multi-passes. unfortunately whenever i use this groove finishing option the toolpath is offset in the Z direction.


Thanks for raising the ticket! 

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in reply to: 77_JR

no, the blue refers to the tangential tip of the tool, not the centerline of it. Simulate it step by step and it'll become obvious. It's always a mind bender when you first get into lathe programming to see your tool going "into" your part, but it's not because of the radii. 

See how your entry/exit plane is at the "square" of your insert? (Pretend its a box and not a circle) 



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in reply to: programming2C78B

Ahhh that makes sense!! That will work perfectly then! Cheers mate!

Thanks for your help everyone!

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