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Trying To Cut Lettering

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Trying To Cut Lettering

Hi All I am trying to cut the lettering "KingsView" on a sign we machined out of .375 Alu.

I am using a Haas Mini Mill that has a 16" X travel and a 12" Y travel. With a little adjusting it machined the body of the sign Ok however there is not enough travel to cut the lettering ..... so after pondering on this dilemma I decided to spin the plate around and machine the lettering upside down and backwards which gave me plenty of travel on the Y axis. So in Fusion I rotated the drawing upside down, moved X and Y so I can touch off the work (G54) and machine the lettering .... (I attached a copy of the file so you can see what is going on) When I simulate the program the cutter does not hold to the letter lines, it rounds off the corners, and I tried everything that I know to fix it .... can someone look at the program and please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it ..... Thank You George

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you are running a 2d adaptive with no containments, so it's doing what it has to to mill all the surface area it sees. It essentially thinks it has to face off all those letters, not mill inside them.

You'll probably want to run a pocket operation instead, or engraving for get square corners. 

I would use the center of the flat "bar" as your g54 and just mill it as it lays normally. 

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