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Selecting WCS Origin from Machine Model

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Selecting WCS Origin from Machine Model



Working through the best way to build up workflows and I've come across a setup issue. I have a machine model built up for the 5 axis machine, within the machine model I include all fixtures as the machine stays exactly the same for every setup. 


I want to select the table platter on the machine as the WCS origin because this always remains G54 on the machine. Within the setup tab, the machine is hidden and I'm not able to select it? I'm only able to see the machine under the move tab? 


I'm trying to avoid building up complete fixtures models for every new part, which is why I added them to the machine file. Is this appropriate? 


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So in your base template file, measure the position of the point you need when you see the machine, and create a plane and sketch, draw the point in place, and then pick that in your CAM setup.  You'll only have to do this once, after that just use this file as your template, it will be permanently selected for all following jobs.

You could also position the fixture in this template and pick your point from the fixture (fixture not being in the machine).  The rest is the same, pick the point from your fixture, and keep this file as your base template.

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So I use a system where my "G54" is the same on the machine for all parts.


But maybe the only difference is I only have my Lang quickpoint plates in the machine.

What I then have is a template file for my workholding that I open, insert my part into and then do programming.

In the template file the WCS and fixturing and machine is already selected in the setups.

The stock is parametric and moves the vice jaws automatically.


This is based of Rob Lockwoods AU presentation 


But I have tweaked it to suit  now having machine simulation and the fact I'm using a 4th axis



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Both seem viable solutions - I will study that Cam Workflow video. Thank you! 

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