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Error cutting contour toolpath

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Error cutting contour toolpath

Good Afternoon,


I'm pretty new to Fusion and 3d modelling in general. Apologies if ive submitted this to the wrong forum page.

I have a model that I wish to mill using 'Contour' but when i do so the cut is slightly too deep (in the +X and +Y) directions and so misses 2 sides of my model which is effectively a rectangle.

I know my design is a catastrophe, but I've had success milling before and haven't had this issue previously and so would like to know if there's something i can do on the design/manufacture end of things before i start looking at the machine itself.

Let me know if I've transgressed any forum etiquette other than not knowing what im doing.

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I turned off the unnecessary bodies.  Are you sure you want to specify such a large stock size?  Anyway, take a look and see if it suits.  Model is attached.

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John Hackney

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Hi John,

Thank you for organizing things. I tried running a pass from your program and am still having the same issue.
I understand that having too small a stock would affect the toolpath, but would a too large stock? I know there are other models lying about in my file but I'm too afraid to delete too much because I'm still not organized with the software enough and so don't know if I'll brick the whole model removing things.


I'll clarify just in case I'm not explaining my issue correctly: I'm concerned about the window that sits inside the jig/fixture and not the fixture itself. I want to mill a small lip or ridge ~1.5mm equidistant from the edges of the main perimeter, and ~1.5mm deep. I'm using the small 3mm hole in the top left as the origin to start all my milling programs that will use this jig from. My current issue is that the program (?) seems to have shifted ~1mm in both X and Y leaving a much larger contour on the top and left perimeters of the lip and missing entirely the other 2 sides (the depth seems fine). It *looks* like the additional X/Y are an equal value and not wildly differing ones; the program is milling in the correct *general* location.

Originally my jig was 3mm but I had (?) to increase it to 4.5mm so I could get the WCS to the right elevation, perhaps I relocated the index hole when messing about?

Hopefully its something that I can remedy through Fusion and not an issue with the machine itself!





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