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How to cut the outline

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How to cut the outline

I thought I had the 2d contour shape down, I guess I don't.  I think it has changed with an update, and my brain didn't.  I am trying to cut the outline of this pickguard (second tool path) and for some reason it's being complicated.  I can't just select the contour/edge, it's in several pieces for some reason, then my toolpath is all wierd.  On the file I have "morphed spiral" doing most of the work, but I want to cut the piece out afterward.  Can anyone help?

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That's because you are using 3D contour, not 2D contour


I see you are using a ball nose too, in which case you will have to change the bottom height to be -the tool radius if you want it to cut all the way through

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Thank you so much for your attention. I'm using the 3D contour, because in my previous tool path I wasn't getting the outer bevel. That's also why I used the ball nose, to try to get that bevel. Perhaps you could help me figure out how to get that bevel in the previous toolpath?

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I just reviewed the file, and I am having trouble with both the 2d and 3d contours.

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Apologies, I didn't look clearly at your toolpaths and missed the 2D contour above, you had multiple chains selected, to I deleted those and just picket the bottom edge.


For the fillet on the outside, the reason it isn't being machined in the other 3D operations is because in your setup you have both models select so the tool cannot get don there to machine the fillet without hitting the other model.


What you can do here is use the 3D contour with boundaries to contain it to just the fillet.

Then most importantly in the Model selection you need to uncheck "use setup model" and select only the model you want to machine.body selection.png


this allows the tool to cut into the other model.


I've also contained the morphed spiral to the inlay only as is seemed to be doing a lot of unnecessary cutting but I'm not sure if that's actually what you wanted?


see attached



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Thank you!

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