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G76 Threading cycle help

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G76 Threading cycle help

Hi there, 

I have been a recent convert to Fusion and now the Mills are running quite well it is time to get our lathe post processors sorted. I have got the uploaded post to where I want it apart from threading.  This machine runs Fanuc OT and a g76 cycle for thread cutting. When I post a program I'm not getting any cycle at all, the machine goes to the start point then back home. I have cycle turned on in Fusion assuming this will activate the cycle in the post.


Anyone keen to have a look, I'm going to have another try tonight but it might be worth having a bit of help before I dive in.


Thanks - JJ


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in reply to: jimmyUU9ZC

Your post produced G92 cycle on one of my parts, just wanted to throw that out there, as for G76, I never use it and never had any of my posts produce it even though all settings were in sink with post description.

I get G32 passes with or without fading last thread or G92 if cycle is selected, between the two I get things done and avoid lot of problems because I get more flexibility in how threads are cut.

G32 and G92 will run on any lathe or at least any lathe I ever ran, including those with Fanuc OT control, I believe Okuma uses G33 in place of G32.



2020-05-11 05_47_15-Window.png

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Hello Jimmy,


The post you uploaded does not have G76 threading set up. If you download the newest post it should now have G76 set up. Look for Property "Use simple threading cycle".

Bill Cain
Sr. Technical Consultant
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Thanks Bill, I'll have a look and see if I can get it to work.

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in reply to: jimmyUU9ZC

Thanks for the help Bill, got it working a treat!


Time to rip in to some turning now my post is dialled.

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in reply to: jimmyUU9ZC

Hi Jimmy.. Did you come right with the G76 post? Let me know if you did what bill said and if it worked out? ... I'm having the same problem.. Thank you. 

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in reply to: marklazarus

Hi There,


Yes we did get it working. It was a while back but if you need a hand setting up your post I should be able to help.

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