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Update to 3D package not reflected in 3D PCB

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Update to 3D package not reflected in 3D PCB

Hello helpful forum,


I've made a video describing my issue, but here's the text version. I created a device and 3D package for a limit switch. I pushed it to the 3D PCB and realized that the footprint plane in the package was in the center of the switch's body, so the limit was horizontally aligned with its center instead of its back as it should be. To correct this, I edited the package file and saved. I expected this to update the 3D PCB view, but it did not. How can I see the changes I made in the 3D package reflected in the 3D PCB?


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I may have answered my own question but would like confirmation if anyone can do that...


In the schematic, I clicked on the part and in the Inspector window clicked on the "replace part" button and selected the newer version of the same part from the recently updated library.


I saved the schematic, pushed the PCB to the 3D PCB by using the "View 3D PCB" button within the board view, et viola. 

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Hello @infoAGJ6T , the other way is to go to the "LIBRARY" tab, and click "update design" from the toolbar.

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