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Is there any way to connect the Octopart Library?

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Is there any way to connect the Octopart Library?

I am trying to switch from CircuitMaker to Fusion 360 Electronics for all my projects, but I cannot get over the lack of parts in the libraries. Octopart seems to have every part I could ever need in Circuit Maker, but even with most of the libraries in the Fusion Library manager, there is a lot missing.


Is there any way to connect the Octopart library, or something similar, to Fusion 360?

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in reply to: JimHeaney

Hi JimHeaney,

Thank you for posting on the Fusion 360 electronics forum, that is great question. At this time we don't have link to Octopart, the team is working on getting more parts added to our library system. In the meantime, just wanted to let you know you can upload libraries Altium and OrCAD libraries to, does a nice job at converting them into a Fusion 360 compatible format. You can access these libraries from the ADD command then select the Option Library Manager, all libraries you have uploaded will be available. 

Please keep us informed of your progress.

Best Regards,


Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager

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