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Saving an entire project to a "release"

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Saving an entire project to a "release"

I've got a finished design - schematic, layout, CAM files. Call it Version 1.0. I had it fabricated and assembled and I've been working with the finished boards.

Now I want to create Version 2.0, starting with the schematics and layout from Version 1.0 and moving forward. And I don't want Version 1.0 to ever change again, since it represents the previous generation that I still need to support.

What is the best or customary way to do this? I guess I could make an entirely new project and copy everything over. Or I could make some sort of a "label" or "tag" in the version control system. Maybe there are other ways?

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@bret.foreman , I think the "Milestone" can help you:



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Hi @bret.foreman,


I hope you're doing well. Since you want to just branch off from version 1.0 then you can do the follwing.


1. Create a new Electronic Design

2. Then Link the schematic. Very IMPORTANT  when you go to link the schematic, you'll see a checkbox on the bottom right of the link dialog that says Make A Copy. MAKE SURE IT'S CHECKED, it it's not it will link to the original files and they will change.
3. Repeat step 2 with the board.

4. Save the electronics design File with a version 2 name.


@yqliu Keeps the lineage of the files completely intact but defining V1 as a milestone the design can continue to be developed and if you ever needed to you could always revert back to V1. From your description it sounded to me like you wanted a clean break from the original V1. If that's the case the procedure above will achieve it.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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