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Manufacturing output - DXF of arcs is NOT accurate

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Manufacturing output - DXF of arcs is NOT accurate

I have a PCB that I created, it has a number of arcs creating an "almost" circular coil on the PCB.  When I run the manufacturing output, which includes outputting a DXF, the edges of the arcs representing the traces is completely unusable in any other tool because it looks like the arc has been segmented extremely coarsely.  


The attached DXF screen capture is being viewed with eDrawings from Dassault Systems on MacOS.  The color screenshot is from Cuprum gerber viewer - this is how it SHOULD look.


Because I saw other threads about how the VIEWER might be importing incorrectly, I have performed the following:


I have looked at the DXF in a text editor.  There are no arc, or spline commands, only vertex.

The blu-ish screen shot is the same DXF imported into Shaper3D.  Looks identical to the eDrawings.


This makes DXF output of arcs of copper pretty useless.

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I just did another design with rounded miter corners.  There are 3 segments in one 90-degree turn.  That's REALLY LOW resolution.

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