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How to import ESP 32 Modules into a design. Where, how...

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How to import ESP 32 Modules into a design. Where, how...

Excited about this. But I'm trying to do a simple design using an ESP 32. But it doesn't exist in the library? How can it be imported. I'm sure Eagle has various ESP32 "Wroom". This is great, But we need some tutorials, please.

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in reply to: disneytoy

Hi @disneytoy ,


ESP32 is not included in the build but you can build your own one easily, or if you have the lbr file, you can import it into Fusion in a few steps:

1. Click "Open" command from the application toolbar, select your lbr file. You will see a new library document is created. You can create a 3D package by right clicking on the footprint and then "Create Package from footprint" at this step. 

2. Save the document into your Fusion hub;

3. Now new/open your schematic and run the "Add Part" command, you should be able to see your library.



If for some reason you don't see it, click the "Open Library Manager" button in the dialog above, select your library document and you should see it in the "Add" dialog.






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in reply to: yqliu

Any update on when Esspresiff parts and devkit boards will be in the library?


I'm not having luck in getting a downloadable library that has a 3D model with correct PCB pins.

Anybody else with links to ESP32 devkit libraries that have working schematics and footprints and 3D?

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in reply to: disneytoy

I am having the same problem and am wondering if any libraries exist so the ESP32 boards do not have to be made from scratch in Fusion 360 electronics.
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in reply to: 19nemr

I'm also wondering, since I'm currently trying to create a component for the ESP32-S3-MINI-1U and there doesn't seem to be a way to create its large chamfered pad.

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in reply to: disneytoy

Hi everyone,


I've passed this along to our librarian for review. If an EAGLE library is available then you could upload that and then you would just have to add the 3D models.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: Outleaf

There are a few online libraries that have all kinds of parts including Espresif. SnapEDA is pretty good for Symbol+Footprint+3D models. For 3D models alone, GrabCAD definitely has a bunch of ESP32 STEP models. Try a search for something like "esp32 wroom footprint eagle" and you should find it.

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in reply to: scottH36AU

I unfortunatley couldn't find anything when I tried searching for the ESP32-S3-MINI-1U, so I created the footprint manually and tweaked the 3D model of the MINI-1 (PCB antenna variant).

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