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Fusion 360 - Electronics Cooling - Temperatures too High

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Fusion 360 - Electronics Cooling - Temperatures too High

I am currently designing a battery charger made of sheet metal. Inside the battery charger, there is a module called an inverter which is generating 1.5 kW of heat. 


To model this in electronics cooling, I have simplified the enclosure geometry and placed a heat generating block inside the inverter. I have applied a heat load of 1.5 kW to the block. For cooling, I have added 3 fans and defined the CFM on each. 


After the simulation, the temperatures are reaching 210 degrees Celsius, where in reality, it should be 55 - 60 degrees Celsius. 


Also, I have noticed that the air is not flowing through the heat generating block which is the reason for the high temperatures 


Please refer to the image let me know what I can do to resolve these issues 







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