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Correct workflow for Fusion360 electronics review (board/schematic)?

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Correct workflow for Fusion360 electronics review (board/schematic)?

We have to share a pcb design (created with Fusion360 Electronics) for an review purpose with an external party, but all ways we tried so far fail for some reasons (we would like to use option 1):
1. Creating the link from the "electronic construction with fusion" file either in Fusion directly or via

The viewer that opens when clicking on the link never finishes loading even for the most simple test board (we tested with and without an attached 3d board). The viewer is hanging on step 2 of 3: determine the visible components (translated from german).

2. Creating seperate links for board and schematic with Fusion directly or via

(not our preferred way because we want to have a link between board and schematic, if possible?).
In this case the viewer opens for either board or schematic, but the big issue is, that none of the polygones is visible with the viewer, making the reviewing with this useless (maybe this is an different issue and would also happen in case 1).

3. Either using the download feature via the share link or export the project using Fusion export dialog (resulting in an "*.f3z" Fusion360-Archive) and then view the file in Autodesk-Viewer (online):

Trying to upload a .f3z is not supported and also trying to upload .fsch and .fbrd together is not supported because a "superior file is missing" supported files are: ".iam, .sldasm, .asm, .session, .rvt, .dwg, .3ds, .obj, .neu, .jt, .prt, .jt, .g, .xas, .dgn, .max, .fbx" which is not helpful in this case. It is possible to upload .fsch or .fbrd seperately, but then also the issue from 1. and 2. applies: the polygones are not visible at all.

So, is this just broken everywhere or do I interprete workflow wrong?
What is the supposed workflow for this kind of task?

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Hello @huebnerX4YD3,


I hope you're doing well. All the options you tried will work but ideally the third party would be using Fusion 360 and not relying on the Autodesk viewer.


If they have Fusion 360 you can actually invite them to the project with read only access which may be the best way to go about it.


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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