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Renewed educational license 2 weeks ago but Fusion 360 title bar still shows "expiring in 14 days"

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Renewed educational license 2 weeks ago but Fusion 360 title bar still shows "expiring in 14 days"

I received an email from Autodesk reminding me about renewing my educational license. Subsequently, I renewed the license by re-submitting a scan of my institute ID card. And as such, the "Renew Access" tab is no longer available. However, as of today (27-02-2022), the title bar of fusion 360 still shows "expiring in 14 days" in brackets.

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Subsequently, I have come across the following post after I posted my question:

this access renewal query

@leowarren34's reply to another similar query, states:

"Just request the license from the education website by downloading the installer for the version you need, you don't need to reinstall, it's just that fetching the license is tied to the download."


I followed the advice and it worked.

Step 1: Renew the educational access from the personalised "Renew Access" button on your account page.

Step 2: Use the "Get Started" or "Get Products" buttons to go to the products page and click "Get product" >> "ACCESS"

Step 3: The installer client will download (it's a small size).

Step 4: Open it. It will say that you already have the latest version of the product. Do you want to start it?

Step 5: If that particular product is already open, close it. Then click "yes" in the installer dialogue box.


That's it, your product will restart with the license in your software updated to the latest access information and the "expiring..." message in the title bar will disappear.

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Glad that you got it sorted!

I will say that your solution should not have been necessary. The steps you outlined in your solution are often needed for software such as AutoCAD or Inventor because these software have annual updates and often if re-verifying, the license you were given when you last verified is for a different version of the software and hence you need a new license for that specific software (not just in general)


However, Fusion does not have versions in the same way as it updates ~6 - 8 weeks and as such, the step of downloading the installer should not be necessary. It is possible that something went wrong with your account so downloading the installer gave it a hard re-boot but another possibility is that there was system lag and the banner inside fusion had a slight delay before disappearing? I am only mentioning all of this for any other users with similar issues who are reading this thread as your solution may not work for them! 🙂 

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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Here is the process to Renewing your Autodesk Education Plan and Fusion 360 license:

Renew your Autodesk Education Subscription by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Get Products page.
  2. Under the Get Started section click Sign in and log in with your Autodesk Education credentials (same email and password you log into Fusion 360 with).


  3. Click Renew Now or Renew Access in the personalized banner notification.


  4. Under the Fusion 360 product card click Get product-


  5. Then click ACCESS

1-Year Renewal Reminder

Your access to the Education plan will expire at the end of one-year. You can renew your access annually as long as you are eligible. Thirty days before the expiration of your one-year Education plan access, you’ll be sent an email reminder. You can also find your expiration date in the personalized banner notification when you sign in to your account on the Autodesk Education Community website. If you do not renew your access, your free access will end when your Education plan expires.

Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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