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access renewal

I have an educational access for Autocad 2019. It appeared a prompt that my access expires in 29 days. I followed the link, signed in autodesk renewal center and finally it appeared "Your educational access is valid through December 2022". But the prompt in the programm is not updated. It still says that my access expires in 29 days, no matter how many times i have repeated the same procedure.

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@da16119BYF8G you need to get in touch with EDU Support to resolve it, no one here can do that unfortunately.


You are also posting in the wrong forum for Licensing posts, they go here



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Hi @da16119BYF8G,

If you have a license for 2019, it's possible you were under an older 3-year license.

Just request the license from the edu website by downloading the installer for the version you need, you don't need to reinstall, it's just that fetching the license is tied to the download.


It's also worth pointing out that 2019 versions will be out of support for education when the 2023 releases come out, which will be in the next few months.

Leo Warren
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