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How to move projects

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How to move projects

For posterity, here's how to work around the problem with Fusion's educational licensing regarding project transfer.


Say you have a project you want to transfer from one "team hub" to another.  Say the source is your personal hub, and the destination is your school's hub.


If you created the project using the educational license in the f360 GUI, there's no "transfer" button because the "folder" type of project doesn't allow that, and doesn't allow the type to be changed, and doesn't give you any clues to any of these problems.


So to make it work, do the following:


  1. in the f360 GUI, find a file that includes everything you need, perhaps as dependencies.  in my case the are a bunch of separate component files and a top-level "assembly" that references everything.
  2. go to "File > Share", and get the sharing link that leads to the public web 3d view thing
  3. click "download" as an f3z file. this contains the shared item as well as anything it depends on.
  4. go to the autodesk web team hub thing that shows the destination team
  5. create a new project there; give it something other than "folder" permissions
  6. go back to the f360 gui and find the project you just created
  7. click "upload" and choose the f3z file you just made
  8. after awhile all the files will appear in the destination project.

you should never create new projects in the f360 gui.   create them only using the web admin tool, otherwise they get stuck in "folder" mode and can't be transferred later.


if any employee of autodesk ever reads this, i'd appreciate talking with you about how to streamline this process.

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in reply to: truher

Hi @truher I think there is a better way. 


Switch to the team/single user storage that you want to move the data from. Make sure that user is a member of the Team you want to transfer the data to. In the data panel, open the project and then click the globe with the eye on it (open on the web)



That will then take you to an online view of your data in a web browser. When you get to that screen, click the home icon to see a list of all your projects. 



You will then see a list of all the projects for that team or single user storage. Hover your mouse over the project you want to move and place your cursor all the way to the right of the row of the project. When you do, you will see a dropdown where you can choose to transfer the project to a different Team 



In the next screen, you can transfer the project to any Team you are a member of, providing you are the owner of the project. (Team names blurred out as they are customer Teams I am a member of)



Once you choose Proceed that project will then be moved to the Team you chose. You can switch to that Team and access the project you just transferred. 


Does that seem like it would work better for you? Let me know if you have any questions. 




Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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in reply to: truher

did you try this method using the "folder" project type?  for the view i see, for the "folder" project type there is no "transfer" item in that dropdown list, as i indicated with the words "there's no transfer' button" in my post.

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in reply to: truher

My apologies for the misunderstanding. Just trying to find you a solution. 


I'm a commercial user and commercial users don't have access to folder permissions yet. So I wasn't able to try with my data. I am trying to work with the data team now to see if there is an automated way for you to do this. 


Can you try one more thing for me? This may work no better than the transfer method from my last post, but thought it would be worth a try. Can you follow this link and try to transfer this way? https://login.autodesk360.com/login/signup?edition=business&product=fusion&onboarding=true

Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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in reply to: truher

i clicked on that link and it took me to some sort of "onboarding" screen that seems to have a space on the left for projects to move, and it has a little "progress spinner" thing that just spins forever, see below.  so, i'd say this didn't work either.  what would be great, if you're talking to folks in the storage team, would be for autodesk to unbundle the fusion app from its storage backend; i'd much rather store school stuff in the school storage (which happens to be google drive) or in the robotics team storage (which happens to be github); the autodesk storage system and all its quirks represent a pure cost we're forced to bear.


 Screenshot from 2023-03-23 12-22-17.png

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in reply to: truher

Hey @truher ,


Thanks for the details and feedback.  As you may know, our new enhanced roles and permissions is in private preview for Educators.  One of the things we are working on is supporting transfer for Fusion Teams that have this enabled.  We are hoping to support transfer later this year around the August timeframe and will communicate to the EDU community when it is available.


I agree with you, this should be streamlined and that is our goal.  We will have the ability to transfer and also convert the project to the new project type.


Thanks for your patience,


Shayne Prichard

Fusion 360 PM

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in reply to: truher

thanks.  i appreciate the effort.  is this "private preview" thing something my org might be able to join?

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in reply to: prichas

Has the ability to change project types and transfer projects from an educational account been implemented? I am looking to transfer my files between two different user accounts as I have switched schools.

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in reply to: jbaconB9YXR

Hi @jbaconB9YXR 

@prichas is out of the office and I wanted to reply to your post. Being able to transfer a Folder-Level Project is still being worked on. Unfortunately, I don't have a delivery date.


Thanks for your patience.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: dan.banach

just a suggestion, you could integrate Fusion with a different cloud storage solution, e.g. Microsoft azure or Google drive  I'd rather you spend your dev time on CAD features, not filesystem features.

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