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is there a way to rebuild / work from a 3d scan

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is there a way to rebuild / work from a 3d scan

trying to rebuild the scan or able to work of it , been trying to do it for a while but havent been able to do it . the  way i been doing it is through maya or zbrush , just trying to see if its possible in fusion 360  

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Hey masterskywalkerog,

It's possible to convert quad-obj meshes into Breps in Fusion to make developable solid models. That said, there's a limit to the number of mesh faces that Fusion can calculate without getting bogged down.


The best tool for what it looks like you're working with is probably PowerShape. It's made specifically for this purpose, and can export files that can be converted easily into solids in Fusion.

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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