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Parameter input dialog

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Parameter input dialog

In Inventor, when you create parameters under the function/parameter settings, you can also create a secondary dialog box with parameters you specify that pops up, and you can input different values to update the design in real time on the canvas.


Is there anything like this available? How difficult would this be to implement?

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Nothing like this currently exists in Fusion but it wouldn't be difficult to create one using the API.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Would there be someone out there in Fusion land that would be able and willing to create a script that generates a popup dialog that is populated by parameters values defined by the user?


Similar to an iLOGIC form in Inventor, I realize that Fusion is lacking iLOGIC but if it could reference the parameter table?  Not sure if I have explained it clearly enough?







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I'd settle for a simple example of how to create such a dialog for gathering user parameters at the beginning of a script at this point.


The one and only example I've found so far is related to commandInput and seems to be targeted at a long-running dialog that interacts with the active design in real time (as an add-in). Since I'm building a design generator, I'd rather do it in a script and just have the dialog gather one set of inputs, then proceed with the script when the user clicks "Go".


Any help or pointers appreciated.


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