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Keyshot Plugin - Lost Functionality "Update with Manual Selection"

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Keyshot Plugin - Lost Functionality "Update with Manual Selection"

Our company has created a "Studio" within Fusion 360. Basically it is a file within a project's folder where all of our products are assembled into a hierarchy. The products are then assembled with joints into there respect / relative locations to other products and simple studio elements such as chairs, tables, other environmental geometry / elements.

Then we use the keyshot plugin within fusion 360 to import these products into our keyshot files where we have all of our camera's, materials, etc. are already set. Normally we would open the render menu, select the product within the scene hierarchy in fusion and select the  "update with manual selection" option within the keyshot plugin.

We last successfully used this workflow on April 2nd 2021 with no problem. But in one of the last updates in April, May or June, broke the "update with manual selection" option. Now all the products are scaled incorrectly, in different positions, cameras are not properly positioned (because the products are not positioned as before) and the materials when applied do not look correct because of the scaling.

Our workflow is severely broken and is taking a much longer time to try to manually import and position these into keyshot without the plugin working properly. Please help Autodesk team and community!

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