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Spur Gear Add-on Failed to Install

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Spur Gear Add-on Failed to Install

I am trying to install the spur gear add-on through the tools tab in Fusion 360 and am encountering errors. When trying the C++ version the first screen shot is displayed. When trying the Python version the second screen shot shows the error. It seems in both cases a file or files which fusion is expecting to find do not exist where they are expected to be found. 


Using MacOS 10.15.7 and Fusion 360 2.0.10446


What can be done to redefine the file path to the correct place or install through other means? 

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The problem is because of a small issue with the add-in that is only apparent on Mac OS that is set up to be case-sensitive.  The sample should be fixed but you can also easily fix the one on your system by going to the folder that contains the add-in.  The easiest way to find this is to run the "Scripts and Add-Ins" command, right-click on the script or add-in you want to edit and choose "Open File Location" from the context menu. You'll see the source code plus a directory called "resources".  Rename the folder to "Resources" and that should fix it.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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