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Face selection problem in machining operations after 2023 October update

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Face selection problem in machining operations after 2023 October update

In some models the face selection is not working after October 2023 update neither from UI nor from API in machining operations. It happens with pretty random faces. For example, I uploaded 'outer_fillet.step' model here, where we have 4 similar straight fillets, and 3 of them can be selected but 4th is unselectable. And corner fillets can't be selected at all in this model. It happens in some other test models too. Before october2023 update it was working fine.


Steps to reproduce:
1. Load outer_fillet.step model
2. Switch to Manufacture mode
3. Milling - 3D - Adaptive Clearing
4. Go to Geometry tab
5. Switch Machining Boundary to Selection
6. Click on Face contours
7. Try to select outer fillets

It can be reproduced not only with 'Adaptive Clearing' but also with other operations.
Screenshot with 3 selected and 5 unselectable faces:


Code (Python API):

        curveSelections = contourParam.getCurveSelections()
        facecontourSel: = curveSelections.createNewFaceContourSelection()
        facecontourSel.loopType =
        facecontourSel.sideType =
        facecontourSel.inputGeometry = get_brep_faces(facet_id_table, selection)

where `contourParam` is `` and function `get_brep_faces` returns 8 faces


Console error:




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