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2d Pocket Operation Error

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2d Pocket Operation Error


I am creating a 2d pocket operation for my setups and the toolpath being generated doesn't seem to clear the whole pocket face selected. I want to treat, both open and closed pockets, with the same method removing all of the pocket face without leaving any stock. The problem I'm facing here is that the tool's entry point is the very left (or right) edge of the pocket face (which is right), BUT I WANT THE TOOL'S CENTER TO BE PLACED ON THE EDGE, IN ORDER TO START THERE, AND NOT INSIDE OF THE POCKET.

So let's say I have recognized a pocket in my part where it's length (on the x axis) is equal to 684 mm starting from 0 to 684. The tool I'm using for the operation has 3 mm diameter, so the entry point of it (the center of the tool) is now 1.5 mm (on the x axis), and I want it to be 0 mm, so the center is placed on the very left edge of the pocket, and the remaining 1.5 mm will be outside from the pocket (on the left) and inside of the pocket (on the right). That way the pocket is being cleared the proper way, without leaving any uncut material. I want to treat the closed pocket (see jpg attached) the same way, meaning I want to trim 1.5mm (with 3 mm tool) of the part (OUTSIDE OF THE POCKET) both on the left and right side of the pocket.

I have tried using the "stock to leave" option, but when setting the radial stock to leave equal to -1.499 (approximately equal to the tool radius), it removes stock both on the x axis (where I want) and on the y axis (where I do not want), cause the geometry I chose is the pocket face.

I have thought of creating to sketch lines parallel to the pocket height and placed 1.5 mm left to the starting edge of the pocket and 1.5 mm right to the last edge of it, but that will take quite a computational time and I would like to avoid it.

Thank you in advance!

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