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Wind simulation on terrace

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Wind simulation on terrace



We need to check  the climatic comfort for a few large terraces and would like to use the wind simulation. The issue is that apparently spacemaker does not allow to simulate wind for specific levels that would match the terraces. Is this feature being available soon? Is there a workaround that provides correct results? 




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Hello! Currently we only provide wind analysis results on the ground. But I'll make sure to note down your wish for results on terraces as well -- we are always eager to hear what our users want to see in the product 🙂 

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Hi Luis. I have used a hack that gives you some results which you cannot consider 100% accurate because you are not supposed to use the product like that 😅 
Design your buildings as "building pads" in the layer menu. Basically, the terrain will get the shape of your buildings, and all of a sudden you have wind results on terraces, roofs, etc.
I must reiterate that this is a HACK. Take the results with a grant of salt

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