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Maximum noise levels

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Maximum noise levels



Am I correct that there is no way to calculate the maximum noise levels in Forma? According to Swedish legislation this is of relevance when doing your analysis, but I am unsure if CNOSSOS-EU  even provide a methodology for this. 

Has anyone else stumbled across this problem and found a solution?

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Hi, and thanks for reaching out!

Could you explain a bit more in detail what you mean by 'maximum noise levels'?


We have been contemplating a feature to summarise the noise from road and rail by choosing the 'perception-adjusted decibel value' that is highest in each point on ground/facades, but have not been able to prioritise it yet. We are currently debating where this will land in our priorities going forward.

To be clear, what this feature would do is to make an adjustment to the decibel value to account for the fact that the noise from each source has different characteristics (like frequency) which make humans perceive them differently. Hence if the sound is more uncomfortable, the perception-adjusted decibel values would be higher than the real physical decibel values. These kind of perception-adjusted decibel scales are commonly used in defining regulation requirements.

Let me know if what you were looking for is something different from this.

Hope this helps!

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@kirderf_nossungam Did you get the answers you needed? 

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