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Learn how to analyze Revit projects in Forma in our Webinar!

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Learn how to analyze Revit projects in Forma in our Webinar!

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Join us for a webinar hosted by CUBE3 on streamlining design with Autodesk Forma and Revit. Discover how rapid 3D modeling and environmental analysis expedite decision-making, and learn about seamless integration for enhanced workflows from conceptual design to detailed BIM modeling. See how CUBE3 incorporates Forma, overcomes hurdles, and optimizes compatibility.


Don't miss the demo and Q&A!

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Looking forward to this!

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But can we use the Energy model and Embodied Carbon Features with this kind of workflow?

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Hey, Autodesk recently released several Carbon analysis tools covering all stages of early-phase design tools in Forma and in Insight for Revit. 


Once your project is mature enough to primarily be developed in Revit, I suggest you set up your Carbon analysis in Insight to keep track of Embodied Carbon and Operational Carbon while you design your BIM project. As they say: "there is a tool for every job" and the tool you're looking for in Revit is the new Insight!


I actually ran a webinar on that this week; feel free to check it out here:


Or feel free to jump directly into the related training here: 

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