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Import Master Plan

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Import Master Plan

Hello, I am just trialing Spacemaker and I am wondering how I would add a 3rd party masterplan. Our project is part of a larger development on an currently empty site.


I have a DXF file with coordinates based on UK Ordnance Survey - so I reckon I should use OSGB1936. But when I try to upload as an asset I get just an error message: "Invalid LatLng object: (NaN, NaN)".


How can I get the masterplan into the project? I wouldn't mind if I have to place it manually.

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Hello! I'm sorry to hear your import failed, the error message suggests you may have invalid latitude and longitude of your georeferenced DXF, if you believe that is not the case I suggest you reach out to the Product team directly using the in-product intercom chat. You will then get directly in touch with our product developers in charge of imports. 


Double-check that you are following the guide to importing DXF. (Note that the DXF import is a little particular about there only being 2d objects in the file):


An alternative is to import an image and use as reference to sketch over:


Or of course import your masterplan buildings as IFC or OBJs.

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