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Spacemakers doesnt work on my PC - is it only for certain users?

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Spacemakers doesnt work on my PC - is it only for certain users?

I want to use spacemaker in my pc but can't worked. i believe this software just have access for users with privilege.



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Hi David!
You need to have a subscription to Spacemaker, or a free trial in order to access the program. Did you try signing up for a free trial? You can sign up here:

Hope that made sense - let us know if that did not answer your question!
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@david_bocanegra Did you manage to get access in the end? To follow up on the reply that @marthe.brondbo wrote, if the issue is not related to licensing, meaning that you have signed up for a trial-license, but that you are not able to actually start using Spacemaker, then the issue might lay on what browser you are trying to use Spacemaker in. Although Spacemaker can be used in almost all browsers, we are focusing on Chrome. So I suggest you try to use Chrome when working with Spacemaker. 


We can also give you a new trial or extend yours if you were blocked from testing out our software in the first place. Please reach out if that is the issue! 

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