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Find out how much solar panel energy your site can generate

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Find out how much solar panel energy your site can generate

One of the core capabilities of Spacemaker is offering you a range of analyses to assess the opportunities and risks for your project, and instantly act upon insights.


To help you assess the potential of your site for generating solar panel power, we’ve developed a new solar panel analysis.

Now available in beta for all Spacemaker users in the Analyze mode, it allows you to see the photovoltaic potential of your site. With a few input parameters, we use our sun analysis and local weather data to calculate the potential energy generation of roof-top solar arrays.



Read more about the analysis here and follow our in-product guidance to try it in action.

Let us know what you think! 

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How much energy can solar panels generate on average?

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The average solar system for a home consists of 20-25 panels. Still, the exact number you'll need depends on many factors, including where you live, how much energy you typically consume, and how much energy your panels can generate. Look at your energy bills from previous years to determine how much electricity you consume in all four seasons. You'll know how much solar energy you need to produce to cover your needs by getting that number. I'm glad I installed solar panels at home. They helped me save more money, and I bought them on the website I was helped with a good choice here.

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Thanks for asking! The energy generation of a panel will vary depending on the location, panel orientation, and shading, as well as the type of solar panel. For our solar panel analysis, we use a panel power of 150 W/m2.

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Hello All,
I cannot see solar panel energy tool under analyses section. 

I am sure I used it before, now it is unavailable. 
Is there an update? or sth else?


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Hi @seda.tugutlu!
We have discovered some issues with the solar panel algorithm, so the analysis has been removed for now. However, we are working on launching it very soon in the Next-Gen project type.
I will ping you when the functionality is released. 

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We stick to general rules of thumb. For instance a 5ft x3ft panel will provide 400watts, spaced side by side and at least 18inches between rows.

However, this can change dramatically across different regions. Also keep in mind its most likely not possible to utilize the entire surface of the roof. We have roof hatches, vents, spacing of the panels themselves, mechanical equipment, etc... So you would want to provide a "grossing factor" of some kind when providing this number as it could be off by as much at 20-40%.

Additionally, what would be nice is to know what inside the building the estimated solar capacity can power. Telling me I have 1000sqft of rooftop solar potential doesn't really help me with the client. "Well, what does that power? The lights? the mechanical equipment?" Even just a ballpark is good enough. 1000sqft of rooftop solar, on the best day, could power X sqft of lighting for X numbers of rooms.

Otherwise, looking forward to seeing this out there soon! Cheers!

Digital Practice Leader

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The average solar panel has a power output rating of 250 to 400 watts (W) and generates around 1.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per day. Most homes can meet energy needs using 20 solar panels, which typically have an installed system capacity of six to eight kilowatts (kW).

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