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Daylight analysis for interiors?

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Daylight analysis for interiors?

Hi everyone,

I am a new member of the forum. After a couple of months of experiencing Spacemaker, I wonder if it is possible to test daylight analysis for the interior space by this software?

I did try it with a SketchUp model, but it seemed to be not possible. In the image, exterior walls disappeared, and there was no statics that can be displayed as usual.

Please let me know if I should keep trying that way, or if there are other methods that I need to know.
Thank you in advance!

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Spacemaker analysis currently focuses on the exteriors of buildings; so sunlight on facades, roofs and ground, as well as early daylight estimations. I see from your images (cool model!) that you're looking for direct sunlight on your interiors. Spacemaker does not analyze this today.


Spacemaker is a tool that allows you to set up your early stage massing- and conceptual design models on site in such a way that you will have optimal conditions once you are further downstream and are detailing your design. By placing your buildings optimally for a conditions, in this case sunlight, you have the best possible starting point once you start to make decisions about things like facades, size of windows, types of glass, exterior shading, and what kind of rooms and surfaces you have within your building. All these things affect your natural lighting conditions inside your building.


To analyze the interior natural light conditions of your project, you can use Insight in Revit: to get detailed interior analysis of your project.


There are also different third-party plugins for SketchUp that can simulate this for you directly in SketchUp. 


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Jesper answer is correct. However, it is possible to correlate Vertical Sky Component with daylight analysis for interiors such as Daylight Factor, Illuminance, etc. I have presented a lecture on this at Autodesk University and you can find all materials in the link below.


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